How to Motivate Your Child to Practice

Do you remember sitting down to practice piano for an hour three times a week as a child? Do you remember how that practice time seemed like 10 hours. It’s because it wasn’t fun. In 2015 kids are so busy with piano, soccer, karate and homework that getting practice time in can be hard.

We have some very helpful hints to help motivate your child to practice more.

  1. Do a little bit here and there. If your child is under 6 make practice time short and sweet. As they get older have them focus on playing their piece twice through several times over the week.

  2. Encourage them and give them lots of positive reinforcement.

  3. Don’t force them to practice. (This one is hard.) At Allegro School of Music, we choose music that your child will like to help encourage them to play, like Star Wars or Happy Birthday.

  4. Try different times of the day to practice. Since we are suggesting short practice times, a quick few measures in the morning and the whole song in the evening adds up.

  5. Relax, as a child starts to pick up the music they start wanting to play it more.

  6. For young children sit down with them and show them the keys.

  7. Don’t forget, if you enjoy it so will your kids!

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